Agile coach

Agile coach

What we hear in the market

The job market for agile coaches is quite interesting. What job marketing companies list as what’s required to be an Agile Coach is full of rumors, whispers, and few truths.

  • “You need to have Project Management skills to be an Agile Coach, so just add “agile” to the front of all your project management titles on LinkedIn.”
  • “As a contractor, “Agile Coach” is a far more popular job title.”
  • “No, don’t change it to Scrum Master, you’ll get paid less!”
  • “Why don’t you call yourself Scrum Guru? Agile Transformation Coach? Enterprise Change Agent?”
  • “At least call yourself a Senior Scrum Master or Chief Scrum Master!”
  • “All the cool stuff is done by Agile Coaches; as a Scrum Master you’re stuck within your Scrum Team.”

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