Agile Estimation

Business / Epics breakdown for estimation

An Epic is a container for a significant solution (business ask) development initiative that captures the more substantial investments that occur within a portfolio. Due to their considerable scope and impact, epics require the definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Epics are typically cross-cutting, typically spanning multiple value streams and Program Increments (PIs).

There are two types of epics, each of which may occur at different levels of the Framework. Business epics directly deliver business value, while enabler epics are used to advance the Architectural Runway to support upcoming business or technical needs.

An MVP is an early and minimal version of a new product or business solution that is used to prove or disprove the epic hypothesis. As opposed to story boards, prototypes, mockups, wire frames and other exploratory techniques, the MVP is an actual product that can be used by real customers to generate validated learning.

Forecasting an epic’s duration

  1. An epic’s estimated size in story points , which can be estimated using the T-shirt estimation technique
  2. The historical velocity of the Squad
  3. The percent (%) capacity allocation that can be dedicated to working on the epic as negotiated between Product and Management