Agile Impediments

Technology, process, or people

An impediment is anything that is slowing down or blocking a team from delivering quality Increments of value.  Impediments could be related to technology, process, or people. Removing impediments helps improve workflow and can result in higher quality and easier delivery of enhancements in the long-term.

The Team is not empowered

When a team cannot make decisions about how they do their work, their ability to improve is limited.  Their ability to adapt to change is limited. This means they must manage and improve upon their processes, tools, and interactions to be more effective in delivery. A Scrum Master can be the one to show courage first in “taking power” if the team does not yet feel their own empowerment.  A Scrum Master should be prepared to protect the team when they do exercise empowerment.

Constraints and Assumptions

A team who worked with regulators to influence policies or process becomes constraints. Assumptions are quickly made during refinements or planning.

Understand the impediments

  • Many impediments are not stopping us from working but rather slowing us down and preventing us from delivering the most value. 
  • Make it visible
  • Team flexibility to address the impediments with open mindset
  • People happiness and collaboration, very important fact of removing the impediments

Action to be avoided

  • Planning without complete understanding
  • Creating deadline and fixing sprint goal
  • No visibility and an input during Sprint planning
  • Product Owner not on board

Management / leadership support

The Scrum Master and Agile Manager should be working closely together on the impediments that will require organizational involvement and support.

Problem Statement → Root cause →  Analysis → Solutions

Don’t be afraid to talk about some impediments (Daily Standup / Sprint Review)